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  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


A brochure can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet consisting of all the relevant information regarding your business. It is the major source of advertising for the promotion of your business. It is considered as the most creative form of advertising.

The brochure of your company must be designed creatively so that it can convey your business idea to your potential customers & leads to a large number of conversions.

Let’s discuss the different types of brochure designs:

Square tri-fold brochure

A square brochure is the perfect way to promote your business. You can display your items within the geometrical shapes to enhance the quality of your products. This makes your product the smarter one & leads to the homogeneous factor as well.

Square tri-fold with colorful patterns

You can use these types of square tri-fold brochures with colorful patterns where you need to promote the creative products. This can include the toys which leads not only the children but also their parents to rush out to your store. You must get these brochures designed with the well developed & experienced companies.

Kindergarten school tri-fold

These kinds of brochures can help in attracting the minds of the children & their parents as well. The great, creative & logical images on these brochures can provide a positive mindset to various children to rush out to your academy.

Black and white tri-fold business brochure

Your brochure needs to be pointed in the various types of business events. Make sure that your brochure must be designed from the experienced designers. Black & White is considered as the perfect combination to market your core business.

Travel tri-fold

You can promote your travel business with the help of these tri-fold brochures by using the bright colors. The company providing high-end brochure design services can provide you the most effective brochures to promote your business.

Restaurant tri-fold

If you have the business of restaurants & launching the new dishes, you have a very good chance to promote your business with the help of designing the tri-fold brochures by presenting the images of your new dishes on it. You can get the brochures design on the various festivals by providing huge discounts to your valuable customers.

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