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Detailed Meaning Of Web Design

  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


Let’s understand the detailed meaning of Web Design:

Design is an unique technique of collecting ideas, thoughts, experiences & implementing them with the special skills. A good design is talent, skill, opinion as well as an art. Design is not just it looks like & feels like how it works. We can understand the detailed meaning of Web Design by understanding the above mentioned meaning of a design.

Website design is the similar process of creation of innovative ideas with an intention of representing the content on the electronic web pages, the pages are then accessed by the end-users through the internet. Its unique process of creating the websites can explain the detailed meaning of Web Design. Web Designing includes a number of different elements during the creation of the html web pages like webpage layout, colour, graphics, fonts, content. The creation of a website includes a lot of factors to be considered. Web Design is the sub-category of the term Web Development.

Let’s discuss the elements of Web Design:

The process of Web Design includes several elements like:

Webpage Layout :

This process involves the arrangement of different visual elements on a page in a chronological manner. This defines the design. This process involves a lot of creativity & focus. There are a number of layouts involved in the Web Design but the most commonly used are fixed, elastic & liquid layouts. The way of designing a Webpage Layout also explains the detailed meaning of Web Design.


The choice of colours always depends upon the purpose & the type of the website. The colours used always define the personality of the person, brand or an organization. The colours used in the Web Design also gives an effect to the design. The colours must be vibrant as it dictates the emotion of your website. We can also understand the detailed meaning of Web Design by adopting or understanding the good colour choices.


It is an art of projecting & implementing the ideas & experiences. Graphics involves the logos, photos, clipart & icons which enhance the Web Design. Graphics have a great impact on the website. Graphics in itself can explain the detailed meaning of Web Design.


The use of various different kind of attractive fonts can enhance the Website. The fonts may vary but they must be used with the proper idea & keeping in mind the motive of the website. The different fonts used in a website also displays the detailed meaning of Web Design.

Content :

The quality content displays the work, abilities & achievements of the organization. The content must have the ability to explain the main task in a very simple & understandable language, it must be relevant & useful, must be optimized as well, be of a suitable length, includes the relevant keywords & not so confusing for the reader. A good quality content always represent the detailed meaning of Web Design.

Factors to be considered during Web Design:

We have already discussed the various elements of the Web Design but now going further to understand the basic factors to be considered to understand the detailed meaning of Web Design.


The navigation must be done keeping in mind the ways of browsing & searching by the users. The main goal is to help the user to easily navigate the website & find the actual one required by them. The factor of easy navigation expands the detailed meaning of Web Design.

Multimedia :

Multimedia design consists of a number of different areas including graphics, video, web, flash, etc. Multimedia requires both technical & creative skills as well. It is a way through which we can use a combination of audio, animation & text in a Webpage. A good quality multimedia if used in a right direction, it can encourage the visitors to spend more time on the Website. To expand the detailed meaning of Web Design, we need to understand the meaning of multimedia.

Compatibility :

Compatibility must be done with a goal to get the website be accessed by a large crowd. For the same, the website must be compatible enough to be stable & make the user to remain on the website for a long. Compatibility is also a major factor which can elaborate the detailed meaning of Web Design.

Technology :

A Website must be designed by using the best technology to make the website static, dynamic, & responsive as well. There are Client-Side & Server-Kind Technologies to be used in the Web Design. Advanced technology used in a website elaborates the detailed meaning of Web Design.

Interactive :

The Website designed must be interactive also; must increase the user participation & involvement. The interaction point must be strong enough to convert the users from visitors to clients with the help of different sources. The great interactive website is also a source of understanding the detailed meaning of Web Design.

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