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6 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in UAE

  by Eonian
|   9-Dec-17

The world is simply moving from analogue to digital. Humans are consuming a lot of digital content on a daily basis- on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers at work, and therefore it’s far essential for entrepreneurs to be present where there consumers are. Inclusion of digital marketing strategies becomes vital in a company’s marketing mix. The fact is that the digital methods of communication and marketing are faster, more versatile, and practical.


Digital marketing being a data driven and targeted brand promotion strategy using technology, a plethora of businesses are hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in UAE to take their business digitally further.

A lot can be achieved, if you have a dedicated digital agency working hard for your business website.

It is advised that one should know certain things before hiring a particular digital agency in Dubai (or in any other part of the world).

Portfolio: It’ll be available online. Just log on to the websites of several of the agencies and see what they have done for their clients. A good portfolio shows the capability of the agency and whether it will be able to do your work effectively or not.

Has It Done Similar Work Before? See whether the digital agency in Dubai has done similar work before or not. A sound portfolio alone won’t do much, if the service provider hasn’t done anything related to your domain or requirements. It’s better to move on and look for better alternatives.

What are they offering? It’s important to understand what the digital marketing agency in Dubai is offering to you. It’s good to compare it with what others in the market are offering. See whether you are getting what you are looking for, or not?

Communicate your wish-list: Don’t leave any room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Ensure that you communicate all your requirements to your selected agency-people so that the outcome is what you’ve desired and want to see on your site.

Charges: See, are they charging a fair price? If not, ask for it. Else, how would they know?

Everything should be on paper: Your contract should include all the essential things. Read it 3-4 times and correct it, if any important detail has been missed out. It helps you legally, if something goes wrong between your company and the agency during the course of work.

Also don’t forget to check online for what you can expect from a digital marketing agency in UAE. There are many agencies offering digital solutions to businesses across various verticals, so finding an ideal one should be your priority. You can find almost all top agencies online as well. Search online and you’re likely to find several good ones in your nearby places. Research well and finally, pick the one which matches your specific requirements in the best manner possible.

Hope this article helps you take a better decision!

Brand Promotion via SMO, A Need of Digital Era

  by Eonian
|   29-Nov-17


SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. This process is used to make the content of website strong and attractive, so it can grab the attention of the targeted audience on a social media platform. The targeted audience remains for a longer period. SMO generally helps to create the product awareness to the audiences. SMO is somewhat similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This technique is used to increase the ranking of the webpage and also to improve the web traffic. SMO covers various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Blogging Sites, etc.


These days attracting the audience by the means of social platform have become the trend. People invest approximately 30% of their time per day on the social sites. So it becomes easier to build a great traffic on the social sites.

These days we come across various companies offering SMO tools to enhance the social appearance of the website. If web traffic will increase ultimately it will result in an increase in the sales of the business is dealing with. To make a good reputation in the competitive world, the website should have a healthy rank among its competitors. To make handsome amount of profit in business the company has to enhance its SMO and improve the online visibility.

The tools used in social media optimization are photo sharing, video sharing and social networking and by using these tools your website will be made familiar to the audience and encourage them to visit your website, therefore the web traffic will increase. These tools if used effectively and efficiently will result in capturing a great audience.

Social Media helps to create a unique identity of a website enhancing its brand name and helps in promoting the product/services. It provides social exposure and helps in the further SEO of the website. With the help of this tool one can create awareness among the internet users about the company and also about the products and services offered by the company.

The ranking of the website increases with the increase in web traffic. SMO revolves around the social networks and it helps in the growth of the business. Not only Facebook or Twitter or any other social site but blogs and forums also have a major role in building a brand for the company.

Working with SMO helps to strengthen the brand name and generate leads as well as increase sales. Optimizing the social media helps in the Brand Promotion and builds a good relationship and trust for the business, and helps to connect the larger audience. As the healthy brand name will result in goodwill and the loyal audience will recommend others about the business one is dealing in, and in this way one can target a huge number of audience.

SMO will also let one face the negative and positive comments both. Appreciate both categories of comments. Considering the negative comment will help to improve on the flaws. Negative feedback also helps in building brand name.

If one is looking for an effective and perfect tool for brand promotion and brand building then one may opt for the services of social media optimization. This tool not only helps to promote the brand over the internet but also helps to develop a healthy business relationship with the potential customers.


Latest Google Algorithm Update for SEO in 2016-Penguin 4.0

  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


Google finally released its new Penguin update and this algorithm has been modified fourth time and this is the first time that penguin update runs in real time. (more…)

How to Add Back to Top button in HTML Website using JQuery

  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


Learn How to Add Bottom to Top Scroll Effect in HTML website using the JavaScript Code.

Follow simple steps to Add Back to Top function in your Website. Do you have lot of content in your website and looking for the simple Back to Top HTML code that will send your users to the Top of your web page within single click? If your answer is yes then you are at right place. Here I will explain simplest method of adding the Bottom to Top Scrolling effect in your website. You only need to do add some code in your CSS, JS and HTML file. (more…)

Benefits of Nofollow Links: Hidden Power of Nofollow Backlinks

  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


In the world of SEO, there are large amount of conclusions on the benefits of nofollow links and regardless of whether they ought to be used as a component of a SEO strategy. Initially, they were first introduced by Google, to keep individuals from utilizing black hat SEO methods of spamming links over the web e.g. social remarks. In all honesty, with the way Google works today, dismissing nofollow connects totally is exceptionally native. Long gone are the times of the past where link building was about quantity over quality. Presently, external link establishment is much more normal and creative, which is exactly what nofollow links are about (more…)


  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


What exactly is a Corporate Identity?

Most of the business owners believe that a corporate identity is simply having recognisable logo that only represents the quality & values of their business organisation whereas a strong Corporate Identity helps every organisation in conveying its personality & values. The Corporate Identity of your business is most important & powerful tool for your business to grow in this competitive market & drop a good & positive impact of your company on your customer’s mind. It helps in the recognition of the organisation’s identity without your presence; it helps in describing your business services & your quality work as well. It may include your logo, brochure, website & the business cards etc. The Corporate Identity of your business is the key tool which represents your business in the market among various different competitors. (more…)

What is Branding & It’s Benefits for a Company

  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


A brand is one of the biggest investment sources for a business. It not just includes your company logo design, business name but it is also a promise from the business to its customers. Your brand value reflects the quality of the services provided by your business. Your business behavior is also included in the branding process. It is considered as the symbol of trust & loyalty which leads to a reputed goodwill of your business for a long run. (more…)


  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


A brochure can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet consisting of all the relevant information regarding your business. It is the major source of advertising for the promotion of your business. It is considered as the most creative form of advertising. (more…)

Tips To Enhance Your Web Content Writing Skills

  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


Content writing has become an important part for every company to convey their brand message to its existing & new customers. An effective & SEO focused content writing has a crucial role in enhancing the image of the business in the customer’s mind. A unique content always includes a complete brand message describing the services provided by your business & its quality as well. By this clean, clear & unique content, customers get a lot of knowledge & information about your business & they can easily choose a right company for their own business requirements. You web content must be creative enough to target the customer’s mind as he has a number of options for their work to be done. (more…)

Why you should use WordPress to create your business website

  by Eonian
|   22-Nov-16


WordPress is the fastest growing CMS software in the current era. It main functionality is blogging but its developers expanded its functionality for the creation of different types of websites. It is also known as the Content Management System (CMS). You should use WordPress to create your business website as it is the easiest method to create the simplest as well as the tricky & complicated websites as it is easy to use the CMS interface in wordpress. It has a wide range of themes & plugins available to download for free. (more…)